Inschrijving STRP Onderwijsprogramma open!

Tours en mini-workshops voor het Voortgezet Onderwijs tijdens STRP Festival 2020

STRP has a cluster of educational and participation projects in which STRP shares it’s knowledge, experiences and ideas. We want to challenge artists, audiences and societies to embrace our mentality. Therefore we organize all kinds of events that challenges children, youngsters, elderly, students and professionals at their own level and pace. We bring together different audiences and have the ambition to make them curious for more. STRP wants to promote keen thinking by acting and teach things by sharing.

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Tours and mini-workshops for pupils and students at STRP Festival 2020
    • 110-minute tour and mini-workshop
    • Thursday 2 & Friday 3 April 2020, 08:50-17:00
    • € 9,50 per participant. Payment via class credit CJP Cultuurkaart, credit Museumschatten or on invoice.
    • Supervisors join free of charge
    • Including free admission to the exhibition for all participants and supervisors in the weekend of 4 and 5 April 2020
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For whom
  • For all classes VSO, VMBO, HAVO and VWO, junior and senior classes
  • Perfectly suited for CKV, Culture and Society, Sector Technology and Technasium
  • MBO technology, creative, social professions. Perfectly suited for Citizenship, Creativity and Technology
  • HBO creative, tech and societal studies
  • Teacher teams

STRP invites pupils and students to an open dialogue about the relationship between humans, experimental technology, society and the future.

It is once again time for STRP Festival 2020, from 2 until 5 April. As always you can expect a stimulating programme that appeals to the imagination with an exhibition, sessions with speakers, various performances, workshops and dialogue. What’s new is that we have landed in a beautiful new location in the centre of Eindhoven: DOMUSDELA. And to enhance the festival feeling and to focus our energy, the festival is no longer 10 but 4 days long. The tours and mini-workshops for schools and academies are on 2 and 3 April.

Can we imagine a future in which mankind is a less dominant and less arrogant being?

During STRP Festival 2020 we will research how thinking from a human perspective can be shifted to a broader perspective in which humans are just one of the players, instead of the indispensable main character. Together with the audience, artists, designers, thinkers and doers we will search for new, hope-giving scenarios for the future in which we imagine having a different relationship with technology, nature and the things around us.

Educational programme for secondary and higher education

Pupils and students discover the STRP Festival exhibition and explore the ideas and questions it poses about the future. By looking, thinking, speculating and asking critical questions together, they are challenged to develop their own idea and engage in dialogue with each other. In the interactive tours in which pupils and students are encouraged to actively take part, there is an emphasis on generating awareness of their own position and that of others. During the mini-workshop students of secondary education and MBO, are encouraged to make their future scenarios. What do I think and what do I want? The mini-workshop for HBO students examines how they relate to all living things around them. What connection do they experience, and how do their actions relate to this?


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Shirley Hendrikse – project leader education & participation
040-2367228 or 06-14982414