STRP looks to the future with an open and critical view. We refuse to flee in a crippling nostalgia. We have had enough of the dark and tough flirt with dystopia and ask ourselves out loud: how in heaven’s name can we come through this conservative and fear-driven period together?

STRP explores scenarios for a positive future in 2019 and 2020. We will guide you through a time in which technology seems to offer the solution for everything, and doom-scenarios are leading. STRP initiates, produces and presents innovative art and visions whereby creative technology plays a significant role, for an international and curious audience.

STRP Share

STRP SHARE is a cluster of educational and participation projects in which STRP shares it’s knowledge, experiences and ideas. We want to challenge artists, audiences and societies to embrace our mentality. Therefore we organize all kinds of events that challenges children, youngsters, elderly, students and professionals at their own level and pace. We bring together different audiences and have the ambition to make them curious for more. STRP SHARE wants to promote keen thinking by acting and teach things by sharing.

Our stories

STRP Festival 2019 is also the sum of all the experiences of everyone who participated. STRP reporters collected these stories.

You can read all these stories here > medium.herestothefuture

Interviews, previews and reviews

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Video reportage | STRP-directeur: 'Technologie is ook gewoon leuk' – over STRP SHARE | ED, 5 april

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Review | Daito Manabe op STRP-festival in Eindhoven: Triomf van de techniek schitterend maar zielloos | ED, 3 april 2019

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Review | Zacht en warm STRP Festival in Eindhoven | ED, 3 april 2019

Review | Festival STRP in Eindhoven werpt een optimistische blik in de toekomst: welke kant gaat het op met de mensheid? | Volkskrant, 3 april 2019

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Review | Kalme en poëtische technologie centraal op STRP | NRC, 1 april 2019

Interview | Positief de toekomst tegemoet op STRP Festival: ‘Je ontwikkelt geen nieuwe ideeën met tegenzin’ | IO, 30 maart 2019

Interview | STRP Festival in Eindhoven wil angst voor de toekomst doorbreken | ED, 28 maart 2019

Interview | STRP zoekt theater tussen mens en machine | NRC, 27 maart 2019.

Preview | Sneak peek: STRP Festival 2019 | This is Eindhoven, 6 februari 2019


Ton van Gool

Deputy Director
Gieske Bienert

Curators exhibition
Gieske Bienert, Juliette Bibasse, Ton van Gool

Curators conference
Gieske Bienert, Ton van Gool, Fontys University of Applied Sciences Creative Economy*

Curators performances & music
Gieske Bienert, Elvin Usidame

Head of Education
Shirley Hendrikse

Head of Production
Suna Karaca

Danielle Thomas
, Bram Snijders, Steffie van den Tillart, Tineke de Mug, Marco Gelissen, Jan Dams, Laszlo Gimenez, Martin Schuurmans, Jelle van Brakel, Marcia ter Wee, Hans Mulder, Juliette Bibasse

Office Management
Ayla de Wit

Marketing & Communications
Fannie Groenen
, Gisèle Mambre, Laura van Gerven

Design & Campaign

HeyHeyDeHaas, Unfolded

Angelina Nikolayeva, Mirte Jacobs, Yoshua Nahar, Aaltsje Hoekstra, Teun Merkx, Lisa Burger, Erik van Overbeek, Henriette Wachelder

Supervisory Board
Carlo van de Weijer, Eric Liebers, Lorna Goulden, Tom Ketelaar

Advisory Board
Règine Debatty, Chiel Kattenbelt, Juliette Bibasse

*The conference program on 3 and 4 April was established in collaboration with Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Main Partners

Gemeente Eindhoven | Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven | Provincie Brabant | Brabant C | Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie | Fonds21 | VSB Fonds | Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds | Mondriaan Stichting | Fonds Podiumkunsten | Park Strijp Beheer | Woonbedrijf | Eindhoven365 | Sint Trudo | Fontys University of Applied Sciences | Creative Europe

Creative Partners

MU | Tanzhaus NRW | Abandon Normal Devices | Transmediale | The Influencers | CCCB | RaRaRadio | Het nieuwe instituut | Stereolux/Scopitone | PublicSpaces | OWOW | HeyHeydeHaas | Watershed

The New Networked Normal

The New Networked Normal (NNN), a project about innovation in art, communication, technology and social change. In a time of political uncertainty and rapid technological change, global events are disrupting our economic, cultural, social and geographical norms, bringing our ideals of citizenship, sovereignty and governance into question.

New technologies, emerging communities and networks are significant catalysts in this change, but they also present new models and opportunities for how citizens can live, work and communicate, providing glimpses of a future sovereignty.

NNN brings together five leading organisations in the field of contemporary media arts from across Europe, led by Abandon Normal Devices (UK) with The Influencers (ES), Kulturprojekte (DE), STRP (NL) and Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) (ES), these partners have a rich history in fostering a critical understanding of contemporary culture and technology. Combined they have an international reputation of commissioning, producing and programming cutting edge work, which addresses the new ways society is consuming content and engaging the public in these issues.

Together this new partnership will address critical issues through an innovative public programme of digital co-productions, pop-up exhibitions, discursive events, hands-on workshops and online activities

One of the first commissions within the NNN project culminated in an alternative online exhibition space designed and developed by PWR which will house and reveal artworks over the year. is an alternative space for the distribution of artworks, using the backstreets, black markets and divergent parts of the internet to create, exhibit and debate the value of art. could house the world’s greatest museum, largely hidden from sight, it lacks any common ground, temporality or space. It is an extraterritorial zone, a place in which time and space are rearranged and in terminal impermanence.

The New Networked Normal explores art, technology and citizenship in the age of the Internet, a partnership project by, Abandon Normal Devices (UK) Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) (ES), The Influencers (ES), Transmediale (DE) and STRP (NL). This project has been co-funded with support from the Creative Europe programme.